Maybe your driveway was laid before you moved in or perhaps you never really thought about long term maintenance?

Whatever the reason, the facts are the same - the wind and rain and the passing of time cause severe harm to block paving or patterned imprinted concrete. Weeds establish themselves through the smallest gap, your once proud paving now looks in need of attention.

Specialist machinery is used to remove weeds, algae and stains including clean cement, oil and tyre marks.

NB We using specialist equipment because powerwashing will remove the wearing surface, encourage weed and moss regrowth. Continual washing of the joints and the sub base will lead to spreading and sinking.

Sterilised kiln dry sand is brushed into all the exposed joints to give the blocks more stability before sealing.

The resin solidifies the sand in their joints and stops it getting washed away by the wind and rain. It also inhibits weed regrowth.

The resin (available in either matt or gloss finish) also seals the surface of the blocks, protecting against stains and enhancing their natural colour.

The finished cleaned driveway is not only weed free but the resin will protect the block paving from weather damage. Just look at the improvement from the pre restored blocks shown in the top picture.


We recommend that driveways should be resealed every 3 - 5 years, to help them last their intended lifespan. Unsealed paved areas, left open to attack by the elements, will deteriotate beyond repair.